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AFaIndexerBase Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef std::string string
typedef Uint8 TBigCount
typedef vector< TBigCount > TBranchStat
typedef std::vector< THashTable > TData
typedef Int4 THashElement
typedef std::vector< THashElement > THashList
typedef std::vector< THashList > THashTable
typedef std::vector< SFileDescTPathLst
typedef std::vector< SSeqDescTSeqLst
typedef vector< vector
< TBigCount > > 

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddFile (const string &path)
virtual void AttachFile (const string &path)=0
virtual void Finish ()
virtual Uint4 GetFlags () const
const CHashSetGetHash () const
virtual void SetCallback (IFaIndexerCallback *cbk)
virtual void SetFlags (unsigned f)
virtual void SetHash (const CHashSet &hs)=0

Public Attributes

TPathLst m_Fapath
CHashSet m_Hash
TSeqLst m_Seqlst
std::vector< std::pair
< off64_t, off64_t > > 

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AddSequence (const char *seq, unsigned len, off64_t off)=0
virtual void AttachHeaderDefault (const string &path, Uint4 version)
virtual void DumpTables ()=0

Protected Attributes

Uint4 m_Count
FILE * m_File
Uint4 m_Flags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file fahash.hpp.

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