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CLcsMatrix< T > Class Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef T data_type
typedef data_type TDataType
typedef TDataType * TDataTypePtr
typedef const char * TForwardStr
< const char > 

Public Member Functions

template<class CSeqIterator >
double Build (CSeqIterator genome, CSeqIterator gend, CSeqIterator primer, int length)
 CLcsMatrix (int length, int maxgaps)
int Get (int i, int j)
int GetBestVal () const
int GetBestX () const
int GetBestY () const
int GetGaps () const
int GetIdentities () const
int GetMatches () const
int GetMismatches () const
int GetResultLength () const
int GetSeqDeletions () const
int GetSeqInsertions () const
template<class CSeqIterator >
void Graph (CSeqIterator genome, CSeqIterator gend, CSeqIterator primer, int length, vector< string > &dest, int extra=2, int intra=0)
template<class CSeqIterator >
void Stat (CSeqIterator genome, CSeqIterator gend, CSeqIterator primer, int length)
char Sym (int i, int j)

Protected Attributes

int m_BestVal
int m_BestX
int m_BestY
TDataType ** m_Data
int m_Deletions
int m_Identities
int m_Insertions
int m_Matches
int m_MaxGaps
int m_Mismatches
TDataType ** m_Path
int m_PrimerLength
int m_ResultLength
int m_Size

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class CLcsMatrix< T >

Definition at line 91 of file minilcs.hpp.

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