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CStsFileHash Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  EFlags { fAllowOverhang = 1, fUnmaskPrimers = 2, fNONE = 0 }
typedef THashTable * TData
typedef TStsList * THashTable
typedef vector< ISts * > TStsList

Public Member Functions

bool AllowOverhang () const
virtual void Clear ()
unsigned GetDefaultSizeHi () const
unsigned GetDefaultSizeLo () const
const CHashSetGetHash () const
unsigned GetWordCount () const
unsigned GetWordSize () const
virtual void ReadStsFile (const string &fname, IStsFileCallback *cbk=0)
virtual void Reset ()
void SetDefaultSize (unsigned lo, unsigned hi)
void SetFlags (int flags, bool on=true)
void SetHash (const CHashSet &hs)
bool UnmaskPrimers () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetOneTimeRun (bool v)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool AddStsEntry (ISts *sts)
virtual void AttachFile (const string &fname)
virtual void DetachFile ()
bool ParseLine (IStsFileCallback *cbk, const char *pos, unsigned len)

Protected Attributes

TStsList m_All
unsigned m_DefaultSizeHi
unsigned m_DefaultSizeLo
unsigned m_Flags
CHashSet m_Hash
char * m_MemoryBase
unsigned m_MemorySize
TData m_Table

Static Protected Attributes

static bool sm_OneTimeRun


class CPcrMachine

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file stsmatch_m.hpp.

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